Ingrown Nail Treatment

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Ingrown Nail Treatment

Ingrown Nail Treatment

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Ingrown Toenail Pain

You notice that your big toe is a little sore and red around one side of the nail, but you brush it off. Perhaps you researched your symptoms and decide that you have an ingrown toenail. No big deal, right? Wrong. While many ingrown toenails resolve themselves or require little treatment, there are times when one can go from an annoying sore spot to a serious, even life-threatening infection. Many people with an ingrown toenail have turned to our podiatrists for ingrown nail treatment in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA.

What Are the Signs of an Ingrown Toenail?

The most common signs of an ingrown toenail include:

  • Tenderness or pain along one or both sides of your toenail
  • A red area around your toenail
  • Swelling near the sides of your toenail
  • Heat coming from the painful or swollen area
  • Pus leaking from the reddened area of your toe

Seek Help For Your Ingrown Toenail Right Away

If you have noticed any of the listed signs above, even if there is no pain yet, we highly recommend that you come in to be evaluated. As is the nature of a toenail, it may continue to grow, possibly embedding itself further into your toe. When this happens, your risk of complications increases, including an infection that can travel from the toe to the surrounding bone. A bone infection is serious and can cause extreme illness and even death.

If you are diabetic, the risk of infection is higher due to the possibility of poor circulation in your feet. Please be sure to check daily for any swelling or redness around your toenails as neuropathy may prevent you from feeling pain or discomfort.