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We offer the first and only comfort fashion shoe store in Suffolk, Virginia, featuring footwear and related products for the entire family. Our fit specialists ensure that your feet are matched to footwear designed to maximize your foot function and comfort. We’re focused on your podiatry care above all else, so no shoe will be sold that doesn’t fit perfectly. Respect, honesty, integrity, kindness — that’s how we treat you!


A Suffolk certified shoe fitter will perform a thorough foot-fitting evaluation. We will then help you find the best shoe and arch support combination that can put your feet in balance and improve the alignment of the rest of your body. Our inventory is hand selected and approved by the physicians of our 1Foot 2Foot Suffolk podiatry office.


Yes…it’s true! For all of you who have been wearing an 8.5 for the past decade or two, there is a good chance you’re wearing the wrong size shoes. In fact, according to a 2018 study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, only about 28 to 37% of people are wearing shoes of the right length and width.

The Shoe FitsWearing poorly fitting shoes or the wrong shoes for the wrong activity can not only be uncomfortable, it can be downright dangerous. That same study found that poorly fitting shoes were associated with foot pain and foot conditions, such as lesser toe deformity (hammer toe), corns, and calluses. And it’s not just the size that can cause problems, but also the shape of the shoe and how it’s constructed.

When was the last time you had your feet measured by a professional? You may have been too young to even remember. You may not even know such a service still exists. Well… thankfully it does at The Shoe Fits!


The Shoe Fits is the only comfort shoe store in Hampton Roads owned and operated by a board certified Podiatrist and overseen by a Certified Pedorthist. Yes, we take feet and shoe fitting seriously. We have trained on-site shoe fitters at each location who will lead you through the entire process to ensure your feet are comfortable and supported. At The Shoe Fits, we take the guesswork out of finding a comfortable pair of shoes that are both fashionable and functional. We carry a variety of extended sizes and widths to suit every foot as well as a wide assortment of socks, compression hosiery, and foot care products.


TRADITIONAL: A service we provide for all customers who wish to purchase a pair of shoes, whether they are a 1Foot 2Foot patient or not.

When The Shoe Fits was founded, Dr. Matthew Dairman, founder and director of 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care, wanted his patients to have access to well-made, good-looking footwear that actually fit correctly. He prefers the old-fashioned method of measuring feet and getting to know the buyer to determine the best footwear.

THERAPEUTIC OR DIABETIC: A type of fitting for people with diabetes, nerve damage, or severe deformities.

Diabetic shoes are specially made to establish total contact with the bottom of the foot, and have a wider toe box, greater depth and a more rigid sole than traditional shoes, in order to prevent injury for those who may have lost sensation in their feet and limbs due to diabetic neuropathy, have poor blood flow to their feet or may have a crooked toe that just needs more room.

Anyone can be fitted for these shoes whether they are diabetic or not. For 1Foot 2Foot patients who are diabetic and meet certain criteria, we may be able to bill your insurance for some or all of the cost of the shoes and inserts. Schedule an appointment for a diabetic foot exam so a 1Foot 2Foot podiatrist can determine if you meet such criteria.


Here are just some of the brands we carry at our shoe store in Suffolk, VA. Contact us if you do not see a brand you are specifically looking for.
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While you do not have to be a patient of 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care, or a client of The Stems Spa to come to the The Shoe Fits shoe store in Suffolk, we recommend you visit all three places. To help you have better feet for a better life, we have combined premier foot and ankle treatment with supportive footwear and a place to pamper your feet.

We offer:

  • Diabetic shoes
  • Athletic shoes
  • Pads
  • Inserts / Orthotics
  • Socks


Often under-appreciated, under-valued, and overlooked – It is important to wear socks with your shoes for so many reasons. Here are a few of them:

  • They provide cushion to protect your feet from blisters
  • They absorb sweat and help keep odors at bay
  • They can protect your feet and toenails from fungus
  • They provide shock absorption on the bottom of your feet

We offer:

  • Compression Socks: Compression socks are designed to prevent fluid from pooling around the lower leg and foot and increase blood flow to the lower extremities. They can also prevent muscle fatigue and varicose veins for those who are on their feet for long hours.
  • Diabetic Socks: Dr. Comfort Diabetic Socks are designed with graduated compression to promote circulation in the foot, stay up, and offer comfort, ventilation, and light arch support.
  • Colorful Dress Socks: You don’t have to choose between comfort and fashion. Sock n Socks are made of top-quality Turkish cotton and are soft, affordable, bright, and colorful. Who wants boring socks anyway?
  • Moisturizing Socks: Effortlessly soothes and hydrates dry, rough feet from heel to toe. The lining of each sock is fortified with vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to restore your skin’s soft and supple look. Adessa Moisturizing Gel Socks are hypoallergenic, washable, and reusable.

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