Comfort Fit Guarantee with our Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic does so much more than an insole. An insole tends to be soft and flexible, while a custom orthotic is rigid and strong. The insole is designed to contour to the foot, while the orthotic is designed to support your plantar ligaments.

With our unique custom orthotic fitting system, we typically fit your orthotic perfectly the first time. However, in the rare event that your orthotic needs to be adjusted, we provide an unlimited number of adjustments until you are comfortable. This is our comfort fit guarantee. The right-fitting orthotics typically lead to less pain and discomfort throughout the day. Sometimes, they can even prevent a need for surgery.

Custom Orthotics

Don’t Miss Work Or School Guarantee

With our three convenient office locations and extended hours, we guarantee you’ll never have to miss work or school for an appointment with us! This is just another way we put our patients first at 1Foot 2Foot Centre for Foot and Ankle Care.

If you live in or around Suffolk, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Newport News, Carrollton, Smithfield, Norfolk, or Virginia Beach, VA, and would like more information on our guarantees, request your appointment with our award-winning foot doctors by calling 757.384.6609 today.