Schedule A Second Opinion With Our Award-Winning Podiatrists & Foot Doctors In Suffolk, North Suffolk & Hampton, VA

Second Opinions Available to Ensure Optimal Foot & Ankle Care

We provide a second opinion service for those who have seen another physician, specialist, or podiatrist in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA, in regards to their foot pain, heel pain, or ankle pain. This service includes a review of medical records, a review of x-rays, and a full examination. A report to your Primary Care Physician is also available upon request.

We may bill your insurance for the service if it is authorized or covered by your plan. The cost is ultimately your responsibility, and payment is expected at the time of service.

If you are calling to schedule second opinion service with one of our award-winning podiatrists in Suffolk, North Suffolk, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA, please let the office staff know at the time of your call, so that appropriate scheduling time is provided.

Please bring with you or provide our office with all records and x-rays that you may have. Please download the Authorization for Release of Medical Records to obtain copies of your records for our review.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of assistance.