1Foot 2Foot Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

We have helped over 40,000+ patients since 2006, and we have received countless 5-star reviews. Below you will find some testimonials from happy patient reviews. More reviews available upon request.
Dr. Barbella and staff truly were a gift from God. They gave me the quality of life back I thought I would never regain. I had been to several doctors for my condition and everyone told me it was a condition I would just have to learn to live with. He treated me with sincere understanding and fitted me with a pair of orthotics that would greatly relieve my pain. I told him at the last visit I would run into a burning house to save my orthotics.
Teresa J.
Love this place, very friendly staff and Doctor.
Linda D.
I saw Dr. Barbella and he was excellent, humorous and very caring and thorough. The staff in the office was excellent from the first phone call I made. The lady on the phone said, “thank you for choosing our office and let me be the first to welcome you.” Kudos for a stellar environment from beginning to end.
Very nice experience. Friendly, professional staff. Thank you.
I had a great visit with the doctor and staff.. The staff is friendly and helpful.
Shannon B.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful… so glad to be pain free now!!! Thank you!
Amy D.
Ok, I love the Hampton Office, they are so kind and helpful. Dr. Barbella is awesome he really looks into the problem and he exhaust all means of treatment before recommending surgery. I am lucky that with all the treatment I don’t have to do the surgery for now. He helped me out a great deal. Thanks a bunch!!!!!
Dayra C.
Very good place to go for foot and ankle pain. they took good care of me and I’ll definitely refer them if needed.
Farrah H.
Very helpful and friendly staff as well as a great facility.
Dan E.
My first impression from the front desk to the examining room was exceptional. The doctor’s assistant answered all my questions while she prepared me for the doctor. Dr Dairman fixed my problem that day. He explained each step. I had virtually no pain. This was 4 days ago and I feel great. Thank you for your excellent bedside manner…..above all the medical attention I received was superb. Thank you 1Foot 2Foot.
Janie J.
Best staff ever!! From check in to the time I checked out everyone was professional and created a calm environment for people who are coming in with pain. Highly recommend.
Lissa D.
This place is so great! They take the best care of my dad’s feet. They have the BEST shoes and inserts for flat feet!
Suzanne W.
Dr. Dairman and his staff are fantastic folks to work with. I received professional and friendly service each of the 5 times I have been since 12/29/2016. Thank you Dr. Dairman and staff for the great service and making me feel all better! 🙂
Susan H.
Personally I think that 1Foot 2Foot is the best podiatry out there ever. The Dr’s we have are the best there is and the staff cares about everyone that comes through the door. They all do their best to make you feel at comfortable and welcomed.
Sherri B.