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SoCal Foot Care is one of the leading Sports Medicine specialists in Foot and Ankle Surgery in Southern California.
Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

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Our board-certified podiatrists are recognized as some of the leading Sports Medicine specialists in Foot and Ankle injuries in Southern California.  They have treated hundreds of athletes for a variety of sports injuries from Olympic Gold Medalists and World Champions, to college and high school athletes and weekend warriors from all over. He has been the team podiatrist for the ARCO Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, the University of San Diego, Point Loma Nazarene College, the University of California San Diego, and the U.S. National Softball Team .

We utilize the most advanced techniques in Sports Medicine including MLS Cold Laser, Premium 3D scanned Custom Orthotics and Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy to get his athletes back on the field and healthy again as quickly and safely as possible.

Below are some of the most common sports and sports-related injuries we see in our office.

  • Running, Exercise Walking, Pickleball and Tennis: Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, and ankle sprains. Proper stretching is vital to injury prevention, specifically, a minimum of 15 minutes before beginning exercise.
  • Aerobics: With impact forces reaching up to six times the force of gravity and 26 bones in the foot, proper shoes are extremely important when participating in aerobics. Shoes must provide shock absorption and proper cushioning, as well as stability.
  • Team Sports: Baseball, basketball, soccer, football, field hockey, and lacrosse often lead to foot and ankle injuries. Artificial surfaces, improper footwear, and inadequate stretching are recipes for disaster.

Make sure to wear proper shoes and stretch for at least 15 minutes before playing sports.