Ingrown Toenails

At SoCal Foot Care, we have performed over 15,000 ingrown nail surgeries with essentially pain free, permanent results and no down time from your busy schedule.
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Ingrown Toenails

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An ingrown toenail happens when a corner of the nail grows into the flesh of the toe, causing redness and swelling. This is followed by pain and often times infection that makes wearing a close shoe almost impossible. Ingrown toenails can occur due to a wide variety of problems including improper trimming, trauma, improper shoes or genetic factors.

Dr. Berenter knows that many of his patients fear coming in for treatment of an infected ingrown toenail. However often times his patients come in with excruciating pain and are sent home feeling much better with the toenail issue resolved on the first visit.

Treatment for ingrown nails is performed by gently numbing the toe, and then removing the offending corner of the nail. If this problem is chronic in nature or there have been multiple infections, Dr. Berenter can apply a chemical to the nail root or matrix that permanently prevents the regrowth of the ingrown portion of the nail while preserving the remainder of the healthy nail tissue. Often times cosmetically it is impossible to tell whether or not this procedure has been performed. Patients are typically back into their shoes and can resume their normal activity almost immediately.

If you have an ingrown nail, don’t be afraid to come in. Your treatment will be gentle and virtually painless, and will get you back to your normal activities almost immediately with very little discomfort.