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SoCal Foot Care is a leading expert in the use of custom orthotics and they are often an effective first-line treatment for many foot and ankle problems.
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Custom functional orthotics are used to treat and relieve pain from a variety of foot and ankle problems including ankle instability, bunions, Hallux Rigidus, Plantar Fasciitis, tendinitis and other arthritic problems.

Dr. Berenter makes orthotics for everyone, from small children to the elderly, from Olympic, Professional athletes and Collegiate athletes, the weekend warrior and everyone in between. He provides world-class knowledge and utilizes the latest technology in 3-D imaging and casting to ensure his patients get the best orthotic possible.

Dr. Berenter  is the premier orthotic specialist in Southern California and has made over 30,000 pairs of orthotics in his career including pairs for Olympic gold medalists, New York City Marathon Champions and Collegiate National Champions as well as Professional athletes who require the best in orthotic therapy.

Custom Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions. Hammertoes and more…..

Most foot and ankle problems can be traced back to improper foot position and alignment. Often times this is genetic in nature but luckily can be significantly improved by the use of custom orthotics. True custom orthotics hold the feet and what is termed “neutral” position which is the optimal position for overall foot motion and strength.

Many of our collegiate and professional athletes use custom orthotics to improve their performance and minimize the risk of injury. Even for weekend warriors and those patients just trying to get in better shape, the demand placed on the feet while exercising can make even the slightest imbalance a prelude to injury. Custom orthotics often reduce the need for muscles to accommodate these imbalances thus decreasing the risk of injury and fatigue.

How are Custom Orthotics Made?

Dr. Berenter utilizes the latest in 3-D imaging and scanning techniques to obtain a true accurate impression of the feet. In the past, plaster casting or foam impressions were used but often produced inaccurate molds of the feet due to patient movement or improper casting techniques. Dr. Berenter  has perfected his technique employing optical imaging to eliminate these problems.

Dr. Berenter takes great pride in providing each patient with the best possible orthotic for their specific condition, shoe type, activity and lifestyle. In fact, he makes over 30 different kinds of orthotics and braces that are specifically tailored to the problem that is being addressed.