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Balance Health is the nation’s premier comprehensive lower-extremity focused Physician Practice.


Balance Health is the nation’s premier comprehensive lower-extremity focused managed services organization. We provide leading podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists with non-clinical support so they can spend their time focused on growing their business and delivering exceptional patient care.
Please contact us and we will schedule a short introduction call to address any general questions. We will then send you a Confidentiality Agreement so any information you provide us is kept confidential. Contact Johnny Kamon at: or call (503)754-7580
We review the past 3 years Profit & Loss (P&L) statements, business tax returns and standard metrics relating to your practice. You will likely have copies of most reports or can easily obtain them from your EHR/EMR system.
It takes about 8 weeks for us to review your information, collect your feedback and discuss our proposal. Once we present an LOI, it usually takes an additional 12 weeks before closing. The entire process usually takes 4-5 months to close.
We look to partner with established, growing and profitable practices with a respected clinical reputation, loyal patient base with strong physician/staff retention and a diversified referral base.
Yes. We are in compliance with corporate practice of medicine statutes. We strictly follow all state and federal laws including: employment, ERISA (retirement), HIPAA, HITECH (IT), Anti-Kickback and Stark Laws.
We do not interfere with your clinical practice or patient care. We help support your practice by providing experts in: Compliance, HR, Operations, I.T., Revenue Cycle, Recruiting, Marketing and more.
After joining, we determine a reasonable transition period to our current EMT system, Athena Health. We will plan a data migration to have all patient notes and demographics prepared for the transition. Our team will be with you in person during the week of your scheduled go-live. This timeline is is unique to each practice.

3rd party lease: We will assume economic responsibility and depending on lease terms, have it formally assigned to us now or upon renewal.

Owned space: we will sign an arms-length lease at market rates and assume economic responsibility as your tenant.

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