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Telemedicine appointments are now available for our Rocklin and Folsom offices through telephone, text, Facetime, and Zoom!

Comprehensive Podiatry Care for Your Entire Family

Get Expert Treatment for a Wide Variety of Foot & Ankle Conditions.

Experts in Treating Diabetic Foot Symptoms

The podiatrists at Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center take special care when it comes to their diabetic patients and offer a wide range of services that emphasize prevention.

Welcome to Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center

Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center is a dynamic group of Board-Certified Podiatrists offering an array of Podiatry services at their locations in Davis, Carmichael and Sacramento, California. Since 2012, the podiatry team has been an active part of the Carmichael and Sacramento areas, by serving the community with successful treatments and surgery for feet, ankles and lower legs. Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center treats the youngest pediatric patients to all ages, including geriatric populations.

Our physicians are all Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) and skilled foot and ankle surgeons, as well as members of Local, State and National Podiatric Societies and Associations. They serve as State and National Leaders of the APMA, and share their skills on international medical missions and contribute to research. Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center is related to Bay Area Foot Care, which has 10 locations in the Bay Area.

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The Art And Craft Of Healing

We offer effective treatments for various foot, ankle and lower leg conditions such as plantar fasciitis, foot pain, corns, calluses, bunions, gout, ingrown toenails, foot fungus, ligament sprain, Achilles tendonitis and more. Need custom orthotics? Sacramento Foot and Ankle provides this service as well.
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Wound Care Specialists

If you have conditions like peripheral arterial disease, venous insufficiency, or diabetic neuropathy, you’re at risk of developing non-healing wounds called leg ulcers.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

Are foot and ankle injuries or foot deformities slowing you down? When all conservative foot and ankle treatments have been exhausted, surgery may be the needed solution to solve your problem.

Diabetic Foot Complications

At Sacramento Foot and Ankle Center, the board-certified podiatrists offer comprehensive diabetic foot care, helping patients in Davis, Carmichael and Sacramento, California, stay one step ahead of diabetes.

Heel Pain

Each foot endures 60 tons of stress with every mile you walk, so it’s no surprise that heel pain is common. If you suffer from heel pain, our expert podiatrists diagnose and provide treatments for all types of heel pain.

Sports Injuries

Since the severity of sports injuries varies widely, we work with you to determine the best course of treatment based on your symptoms, diagnosis, and goals for returning to play.


Orthotics are medical devices podiatrists at our offices prescribe to patients. Orthotics are custom made insoles you place inside your shoes to support the bones, joints, and muscles of your feet.

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Patient Portal

We are pleased to provide patients with secure, 24/7 access to their health records through the Sacramento Foot & Ankle Center Patient Portal. Patients can safely and easily:
  • Update insurance/demographic information
  • View summary of chart notes
  • Refill requests
  • Answering questions about surgery
  • Access relevant health education materials

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