Foot Trauma

With 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles in the foot and ankle, all of which are put through considerable pressure and strain throughout our lives, it should be no surprise that foot trauma and ankle injuries are very common.

Our podiatrists are equipped and trained to evaluate, diagnose, and treat whatever injury or condition arises. Many injuries may be treated with conservative therapy, such as casting, taping, or simple resetting of the bones or joints ( I wouldn’t say this). Occasionally, injuries may require surgery in order to optimize healing and future function; if that’s what you need, we’re ready to help.

If your foot has been injured—or even if you’ve been feeling pain but don’t recall injuring yourself—it’s important that you don’t ignore it. If left untreated, fractures may heal slowly (delayed union), not heal at all (non-union), or may heal in a malaligned position (malunion). As a result, you’ll deal with pain and deformity in your foot. Untreated fractures may also develop post-traumatic arthritis, which can result in a need for more intensive surgery than would have been required before. And it’s not just the fractures that can grow worse over time: ruptured tendons that are left untreated may cause weakness or loss of function. They can also cause tendon imbalance, which can lead to deformities in the foot and ankle over time. Sprained ligaments that are left untreated may lead to chronic instability and arthritis.

So if you’ve injured your foot, leg, or have been dealing with pain in the lower extremities that won’t seem to go away, come visit us at one of our convenient locations right away to be sure that the problem doesn’t grow worse.