Why Custom Orthotics Are Better Than Store-Bought

Orthotic inserts are widely available these days—in drug stores, at kiosks, and online. However, none of these are custom-made for your feet and your specific issues.

Don’t let your footwear interfere with your comfort. While orthotics may not make every pair of shoes more comfortable, they can address common issues like foot pain, pressure, friction, and even poor balance. Just remember, not all inserts are created equal. We work with patients individually to design custom-made orthotics that differ from what you can buy in a store. Plus, we won’t recommend this treatment unless you truly need it!

Custom orthotics – More Than Comfort 

Truly comfortable shoes that you can wear all day are amazing.  But orthotics actually take this concept a step further.  For individuals with podiatric problems, including flat feet, “fallen” arches, plantar fasciitis, and bunions, custom-made inserts can alleviate the pain or discomfort that often comes with walking or standing for extended periods of time.  A professional design can also work to correct poor posture, uneven gaits, and pronation. 

Pronation is basically the movement of your foot as it rolls inward and distributes the impact of running/walking. Ideally, you should have slight pronation that allows you to support the weight of your body, but many people experience too much (overpronation) or too little (supination).  Orthotics can address this concern!  They’re also great for individuals with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, deformities, and amputations.  Since they work to reduce the loss of feeling in the feet and other circulation concerns. 

Custom is Key

Orthotic inserts are widely available these days—in drug stores, at kiosks, and online.  However, none of these are custom-made for your feet and your specific issues.  Neither are they prescribed and designed by a podiatrist.  Although the extra cushioning of over-the-counter inserts may make you feel more comfortable at first, it won’t fix the underlying problems. Even if you buy options advertised as “custom” or “moldable,” these aren’t nearly as effective as the custom-made orthotics we offer.

Try to remember that they’re mass-produced and the “moldable” parts will wear out over time. Since custom inserts are made specifically for you from the outset, they’ll keep their shape and support much longer.  They also use more durable materials that are worth the expense.  Wouldn’t you rather invest in a single set of custom orthotics, than have to replace a variety of store-bought versions? 

Orthotics aren’t for Everyone

When you work with an experienced professionals like us, you can trust that we don’t recommend orthotics for just anyone. Custom-made footwear is an important part of podiatry, but it’s not a viable treatment for all of our patients. We’ll prescribe orthotics only after performing a thorough evaluation and considering the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and joints that could be affected by your complaint. If we truly believe a custom-made solution will be the best option for you and your comfort, then we’ll help you with the next steps. For individual questions about your insurance and how it covers orthotics, please contact us by phone, or book an appointment with our online booking system.