When you have foot pain or biomechanical issues in your feet, custom orthotics can help your feet feel and function better.



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What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are medical devices podiatrists at our offices prescribe to patients. Orthotics are custom made insoles you place inside your shoes to support the bones, joints, and muscles of your feet.

To make a pair of custom orthotics, your podiatrist uses laser scanning technology. Laser scans involve standing on a small platform that acts as a digital scanner. In less than a minute, the scanner takes an image of your feet and relays the image to a computer for analysis.

Laser scans can show how you distribute your body weight over your feet, which can help your podiatrist understand any muscle imbalances that may be contributing to your condition.

Depending on your needs, your podiatrist recommends the best customization method for you.

Our Podiatrists recommend orthotics for biomechanical foot issues like:

  • Tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Neuromas
  • Shin splints
  • High arches
  • Flatfeet

Podiatrists also recommend orthotics for people who need more support for their feet, either due to their job or having a medical condition like diabetes that can cause foot wounds.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts can also benefit from orthotics as well since custom insoles can help improve athletic performance and prevent injuries.

What types of Orthotics are Available?

There are two main types of orthotics available, depending on your needs and the condition of your feet. Orthotic options are:

  • Functional Orthotics: Functional orthotics are used for biomechanical issues of the feet and are designed to control the movement of your feet. These orthotics are generally made from semi-rigid materials like plastic or graphite.
  • Accommodative Orthotics: Accommodative orthotics are softer and used to add cushion and support for painful foot conditions like calluses, corns, and diabetic foot wounds.

Your podiatrist can make custom orthotics for a wide variety of shoes, including work boots, athletic shoes, ballet-style flat shoes, and tennis shoes. There are also custom orthotic sandals and slippers available if desired.

Orthotics can be made within 5-7 business days, though rush orders can be completed in three days for an additional fee. In most cases, custom orthotics last 2-4 years, depending on how often they’re worn and the amount of wear-and-tear they sustain.

To set up a fitting for orthotics, call now or use the online booking tool to schedule your visit.