How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot This Summer

Summertime is finally here, but it’s hard to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities when your foot is itchy and a bit painful.

Summertime is finally here, but it’s hard to enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities when your foot is itchy and a bit painful.

Because you have better things to do than worry about itchiness, pain, dryness, and scaling, our Providers have some recommendations to help you avoid getting athlete’s foot.

But first, let’s take a quick look at athlete’s foot and what causes the condition.

Athlete’s foot 101 

Athlete’s foot is a common fungal infection caused by bacteria that thrive in warm and moist environments. It’s highly contagious, and most people contract athlete’s foot by walking barefoot in locker rooms and swimming pool areas.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot include a rash and itchy skin on the soles of the feet and between the toes. You may also notice blisters, dryness, scaling, and discolored toenails.

If you suspect you may be suffering from athlete’s foot and have diabetes or a compromised immune system, contact a medical provider right away.

Tips for preventing athlete’s foot

An estimated 3%-15% of the population is affected by athlete’s foot. Here are three quick tips for preventing it: 

1. Wash your feet as often as possible

Bacteria love moist and warm environments. However, your biggest weapon against bacteria is the trusted combo of soap and water. 

Wash your feet, especially between your toes, to remove the bacteria, and use towels to quickly dry your toes. Doing this creates an inhospitable environment for fungus growth.

2. Use footwear in wet public places

Pools, gyms, and locker rooms are often the culprit for many fungal infections. Fungus thrives on the floor, especially on a wet floor, and it can be easily spread from one person to another. 

Therefore, always use footwear in public areas so your feet don’t get exposed to the bacteria. 

3. Invest in high-quality socks and shoes

Bacteria can’t thrive without moisture, so keeping your feet dry should be on your list of priorities this summer. Socks made of natural fibers and shoes that fit properly and are made of breathable fabric are critical for preventing moisture buildup. 

You can alternate between pairs of shoes every day to ensure your shoes are dry when you put them on. Also, keep in mind that athlete’s foot is contagious, so avoid sharing your footwear or socks. 

Get help for your athlete’s foot 

Athlete’s foot is no walk in the park, but if you follow the prevention tips mentioned above, you and your family should be free of fungus all summer and beyond.

If you’re already suffering from athlete’s foot, our team of expert podiatrists is here to help. To get relief for your feet, call the office nearest you or book your appointment online.