Foam Roller Ankle Stretches

One important stretch that you might consider performing on your feet is known as a foam roller ankle stretch.

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There are many different reasons why stretching the feet is an important part of one’s daily health routine. Performing stretches on the feet can improve mobility, flexibility, and resilience. This can essentially make the feet better able to manage exercise routines and physical activity. One important stretch that you might consider performing on your feet is known as a foam roller ankle stretch. This stretch can be performed in a seated position with one foot at a time being rested on a half foam roller. One then repeatedly tilts the roller upwards and downwards to feel the stretch in the feet. Perform this stretch on both feet. As a result of performing this stretch, the ankles will experience more movement and flexibility. If you are someone that is looking to strengthen their feet, it is suggested that you reach out to a podiatrist today. Podiatrists are foot specialists who can help answer any questions you might have and provide treatment.

Stretching the feet is a great way to prevent injuries. If you have any concerns with your feet, contact one of our podiatrists of Integrative Foot & Ankle Centers of Washington. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Stretching the Feet

Stretching the muscles in the foot is an important part in any physical activity. Feet that are tight can lead to less flexibility and make you more prone to injury. One of the most common forms of foot pain, plantar fasciitis, can be stretched out to help ease the pain. Stretching can not only ease pain from plantar fasciitis but also prevent it as well. However, it is important to see a podiatrist first to determine if stretching is right for you. Podiatrists can also recommend other ways to stretch your feet. Once you know whether stretching is right for you, here are some excellent stretches you can do.

  • Using a foam roller or any cylindrical object (a water bottle or soda can will do), roll the object under your foot back and forth. You should also exert pressure on the object. Be sure to do this to both feet for a minute. Do this exercise three times each.
  • Similar to the previous exercise, take a ball, such as a tennis ball, and roll it under your foot while seated and exert pressure on it.
  • Grab a resistance band or towel and take a seat. If you are using a towel, fold it length wise. Next put either one between the ball of your foot and heel and pull with both hands on each side towards you. Hold this for 15 seconds and then switch feet. Do this three times for each foot.
  • Finally hold your big toe while crossing one leg over the other. Pull the toe towards you and hold for 15 seconds. Once again do this three times per foot.

It is best to go easy when first stretching your foot and work your way up. If your foot starts hurting, stop exercising to ice and rest the foot. It is advised that you then see a podiatrist for help.

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