Diagnostic Foot Evaluations

We provide onsite diagnostic testing using Ultrasound, Digital X-rays, and Non-invasive arterial studies.

Diagnostic Testing


Ultrasound is an excellent diagnostic tool for foot and ankle injuries, allowing for dynamic examination of the injury—including real-time visibility of muscle contraction and joint stresses—while remaining non-invasive and avoiding aggravation of painful conditions.

Non-invasive arterial studies

Ultrasound is also used to measure blood flow to rule out peripheral arterial disease. Evaluation of the arterial supply to the lower limbs is done by measuring blood pressures at various levels and by evaluation of the arterial-pulse characteristics. Blood flow is evaluated with an ultrasound Doppler flow detector Arterial pressures in the lower extremities are compared to the pressures measured in the arms. These tests are usually referred to as segmental pressure measurements and pulse volume recording (PVR). When the pressures are measured at only a single level in the lower extremities — the ankle — they may be reported as the ratio of the ankle pressure to the arm.

Digital Scanning

Our Providers use the latest digital scanning technology to capture a 3D laser image of your feet. The scanning process is quick, clean, accurate and effective. In the clinic, your podiatrist will orient the scanner to capture your bare feet in the required position. The foot scanner then captures a digital 3D image by creating a grid of closely spaced points in space that represent the surface of the foot, its contours, and dimensions.

Our digital foot scanning system enables us to take scans directly from your bare feet in seconds. The benefits over plaster casting include less mess and a faster turnaround time for your orthotics.