Shilpa Sharma, DPM



Dr. Shilpa Sharma, DPM, is a Board-Certified Podiatric Foot and Ankle Specialist. She specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, and limb salvage.

She is from Fremont, California, and was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended the University of California in San Diego and obtained her B.S. in Biology. While there, Dr. Sharma gave back by leading a non-profit organization that promoted sustainable development and health education in rural communities.

In New York, she underwent her residency at the New York Harbor Health Care VA, where she was the Chief Resident. She also completed many rotations at the Banner Desert Medical Center in Arizona.

Following her residency, Dr. Sharma moved back to the west coast in Santa Monica, where she completed her fellowship training in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery at University Foot and Ankle Institute.

Dr. Sharma has always had a passion for medicine and surgery. But she says, “My interest in podiatry developed after I watched a child with a gait disturbance … benefit from a foot and ankle orthotic device.”

As an avid tennis player and dancer, she’s witnessed many teammates experience ankle sprains and fractures that have put them out of practice and competition. All of this has led to her deep interest in sports medicine. “I wanted to be involved in sports medicine to get people back on their feet and maintain an active lifestyle devoid of pain”

Outside of her own participation, Dr. Sharma is also a big tennis fan. When she’s not keeping her eye on the Grand Slam, she’s enjoying married life and living in the Walnut Creek area.

She speaks Hindi and English.