Start Your New Year on the Right Foot

Let us suggest an easy and beneficial New Year’s resolution for your health: Visit your podiatrist!

By Timothy Hulst, DPM

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Happy 2020! If you are like most Americans, you have made a resolution or two to improve your life and your health.

Let us suggest an easy and beneficial New Year’s resolution for your health: Visit your podiatrist!

Why Choose a Podiatrist for Foot Care?

Podiatrists are highly trained healthcare professionals who are skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower limb conditions. A podiatrist is the best doctor to treat and relieve day–to–day foot problems such as ingrown toenails, corns and calluses, skin conditions, bunions, heel pain, and sports injuries.

Podiatrists, or doctors of podiatric medicine, earn a bachelor’s degree in biology or similar science field and then attend podiatry school for four years. Upon graduation, a podiatrist candidate will work as a resident in a hospital for three years and also work with pediatricians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, or infectious disease specialists.

Patients with diabetes are smart to include a podiatrist on their support team. Because diabetes has such severe consequences for your feet, regular visits with a podiatrist will monitor your foot health and make sure that any skin or tissue damage is taken care of quickly.

What to Expect at Your Podiatrist Exam

After taking a complete medical history, we will check your gait, range of motion, and assess your shoe fit. We will treat whatever problems that we observe. Many patients benefit from custom–fitted orthotics to relieve problematic pressure points and to correct any gait–related problems. If we observe any concerns, we will quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and then present you with treatment options.

Schedule your appointment

Schedule your appointment today and start the New Year right with a comprehensive foot and ankle exam! With a foot check–up from one of our knowledgeable physicians, you will be prioritizing your health as you step into 2020.