Devon Glazer DPM

Devon N Glazer, DPM


Dr. Glazer is a board-certified podiatrist.

Dr Glazer moved to Orange County in 2004 from New York City after finishing a reconstructive foot and ankle surgical residency at Cornell/ Columbia health system. While working in another practice, he envisioned what a practice should be.

In 2009 Artisan Foot and Ankle was born on the premise of patient care is above all else. The practice was founded and built with doctors that can serve all patient’s lower extremity needs.

Since then, he and his wife started a family with two active girls that keep them on their toes. He even wrote a children’s book based on a story he would tell his daughters.

Even with being a family man, Dr. Glazer has always focused on giving back via community service and education.

Dr. Glazer has served in a multitude of roles:

  • Fellow, American College of foot and ankle surgeons
  • Fellow, American board of foot and ankle surgery
  • Chair, The Western Foot and Ankle Conference
  • Past President, Orange County Podiatric Medical Society
  • Past President, California Podiatric Medical Association
  • Past President, Pacific Division of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Board Member, Podiatric Medical Board of California (Gubernatorial appointment)

Dr Glazer serves in multiple education roles and developing new surgical technology and techniques:

  • Chair, The Western Foot and Ankle Conference
  • Surgical Trainer and Educator for Extremity medical, Paragon 28 and Trice Medical
  • Surgeon Trainer for External Fixation, Charcot, Reconstructive and limb salvage procedures
  • Director, Artisan Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery Fellowship
  • First to design and implant custom 3D titanium printed toe implants in the US
  • First to implant custom 3D titanium printed navicular implant west of the Mississippi
  • Developed the WOLF ( wound offloading frame ) Frame for wound offloading and limb salvage
  • Design team for Charcot Plating and Beaming systems from Extremity Medical
  • Surgeon trainer for Paragon 28 for external fixation/ limb salvage and Tenex wound debridement
  • Governor Appointment as a Board Member for the Podiatric Medical Board of California

Dr. Glazer’s practice focuses on lower extremity revisional surgery, reconstructive surgery, trauma and Charcot limb issues. That said, he also treats standard surgical and non surgical issues like bunions, hammer toes and sports medicine issues of the foot and ankle. He has also patented the Artisan Arch for shoes and orthotics.

Dr. Glazer loves educating and has had the pleasure of lecturing throughout the nation and Europe. He was the first doctor to implant a 3D printed navicular bone in Orange County. Dr Glazer co-developed Charcot Beaming and Plating systems, refine External fixation systems and innovated the Kick Stand/ WOLF systems for wound healing/ off loading.

Dr Glazer believes in meaningful care that educates the patient on their current issues but also what they can do preventive, to avoid future lower extremity problems.

Dr. Glazer’s specialties include:

  • Charcot Reconstruction
  • Foot and Ankle Reconstruction/ Trauma
  • 3D Titanium printed bone implants
  • Reversional Surgery
  • Limb Salvage
  • External Fixation
  • Regenerative medicine/ Stem Cell Therapy
  • Tenex Fast Procedure Surgical Trainer

From Dr Glazer:

“I go to work every day with the attitude that I am fortunate enough to possibly change peoples life for the better. I really enjoy the complexity of the foot and ankle and solving issues for patients. Seeing a happy patient is the best reward of this profession.”


  • Family, skiing and horsepower are my non-work passions.
  • I truly enjoy medical education. I’m honored to train our next generation of doctors through our fellowship program and the multiple labs and lectures I participate in. Seeing doctors expand their knowledge, fulfills that our next generation will be able to take care of us.

Dr. Glazer is accepting new patients!