Adam Sternak, DPM



Dr. Sternak is dedicated to establishing your best foot health to optimize your body’s best function and fitness. He is passionate about orthopedics, sports medicine, and biomechanics. With over 10 years of practice as a physical therapist prior to becoming a podiatric surgeon, he grants a unique approach to how ailments of the foot contribute to knee, hip, and back pain and is able to discern the best rehabilitation and noninvasive options as well as provide surgical interventions. He enjoys meeting new people and helping them reach their physical goals.

Dr. Sternak was born in Poland. He finished his Master of Science in Kinesiology and Physiotherapy and moved to the United States to work as a physical therapist. He further pursued education in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at Samuel Merritt University. He finished his residency in Los Angeles where he worked at USC Keck Hospital in limb salvage and preservation, complex diabetic foot, and vascular surgery of the foot. During residency, he also worked in Kaisers – South Bay, Fontana, and Ontario including extensive work in foot and ankle surgery, trauma, and orthopedics.

Dr. Sternak is the father of two wonderful children. He is a great enthusiast of swimming, cross country running, martial arts, and enjoys a pick-up game of basketball. Prior to settling in San Francisco he traveled around Europe and the Americas. He enjoys traveling and discovering other cultures and great food.