Diabetic Foot Care

When you have diabetes, proper care of your feet is essential to your overall health.
diabetic foot care

Diabetic Foot Care

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When you have diabetes, proper care of your feet is essential to your overall health. The team at The Food Doctors of Santa Cruz County is committed to treatment and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers and the pain related to diabetes. For an expert consultation and support for your diabetic foot care, call or book an appointment online with their office in Watsonville or Santa Cruz, California.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the metabolism of blood sugar, and the health of every tissue and organ in your body. When not properly controlled, this condition causes poor circulation, elevated blood sugar, nerve damage, and impaired healing and organ function.

Control of this condition involves proper eating, close monitoring of blood sugar levels, proper use of medications, and lifelong healthy habits. One of the most vital of these healthy habits is proper foot care.

How does diabetes impact foot health?

Diabetes places you at higher risk for corns, neuropathy, ingrown toenails, infections, and diabetic ulcers.

Your feet are impacted by the long-term effects of diabetes due to:

Decreased sweat and oil production

This leads to a lack of lubrication and abnormal pressure on tissues when you’re walking or not moving for long periods of time.

Breakdown of tissue

Due to lack of lubrication and decreased blood flow, tissues break down easily, which causes open wounds to form.

Impaired healing

Once tissues break down, they are not able to heal properly, increasing the risk for a localized or systemic infection.

Damage to nerves

Damage to nerve fibers, or neuropathy, can cause both generalized pain to legs and feet and an inability to feel pain at wound sites.

If you have diabetes, you must do your best to prevent and monitor for injury to your feet to avoid long-term complications.

What can be done to prevent diabetic ulcers?

Because wounds of the feet are very difficult to treat when you have diabetes, prevention is the best approach to avoiding long-term complications.

Practical ways to help you avoid injury to your feet are:

  • Manage your diabetes
  • Quit smoking
  • Wash your feet every day
  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Protect from injury and extreme temperatures
  • Wear socks and shoes
  • Check your feet every day

Finally, if you’re diabetic and have an open wound on your feet, seek professional treatment as soon as possible. The team at The Foot Doctors of Santa Cruz County is committed to helping you prevent diabetic complications of your feet.

For your diabetic foot care plan, call or book an appointment online today.