Treating Rare Foot Conditions – The Way to Go About It

Rare foot conditions, like Kohler's disease, Freiberg's disease and Maffucci syndrome are hard to diagnose and need an expert podiatrist and specialized treatment plans.

Most often, foot pain has a fairly simple cause and with proper evaluation, treatment is easy. However, not all conditions are simple. Unusual or hard-to-diagnose conditions that cause pain, mobility issues and even deformities, need extra attention. Rare foot conditions, like Kohler’s disease, Freiberg’s disease and Maffucci syndrome are hard to diagnose and need an expert podiatrist and specialized treatment plans.

Standard Therapies for Treating Rare Foot Conditions

Kohler disease is a rare bone disorder of the foot. It mostly affects children and may be the result of stress-related compression during a growth spurt. It usually resolves over time even without treatment while symptoms can last from a few days to two years.

Treatment for Kohler disease

  • Pain medication
  • Weight-bearing plaster casts
  • Special supportive shoes
  • Rest

The long-term outlook for people with Kohler disease is usually excellent. People affected by the condition typically recover all function of the affected foot and have no lasting consequences.

Maffucci syndrome is an extremely rare disorder characterized by benign overgrowths of cartilage, skeletal deformities and cutaneous lesions. It needs personalized treatment depending on each individual and the severity of condition.

Treatment for Maffucci syndrome

  • Injections to shrink and harden affected area
  • Surgical removal of enchondromas
  • Treatment for leg length discrepancy
  • Help with abnormal curvature of the spine
  • Orthotics for leg deformities
  • Regular monitoring for malignancy of enchondroma

Freiberg’s disease is a rare condition that primarily affects the second or third metatarsal.

Treatment for Freiberg’s disease

  • Decreasing foot pressure and unloading the affected metatarsal
  • Dorsal closing wedge osteotomies
  • Osteochondral transplant
  • Resection arthroplasty

Rare foot conditions are usually tough to diagnose as they could have similar symptoms to common foot conditions. Finding a good podiatrist who is experienced in treating rare foot conditions in Los Altos is crucial for a positive outcome. Experienced podiatrists for rare foot conditions in Los Altos can identify the problem quickly and plan a successful treatment.